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Earth One Wonder Woman Vol 1 Review


I picked up a copy of Earth One Wonder Woman Volume 1 on Comixology last week and had a read of it.

Overall I generally liked it although there’s a couple of things that irked me and I’ll talk about both the good and the bad in this weeks comic book review:

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Supanova Popculture Expo Melbourne 2016

Hey everyone!

I went to Supanova in Melbourne on the weekend and had the most amazing time with my friend and her boyfriend. I always love going to these types of events, because I see a mass of nerds and I totally feel like screaming”MY TRIBE!”… although I don’t because I am actually quite introverted (I know you don’t believe me).


I wish there was more comic stalls this year as anime seems to be slowly taking over this convention, but they did still have one comic stall there and so I bought a few books – you can check that out in my newest video!

We still have a couple of comic conventions still to come in Melbourne this year! Oz Comic Con is happening from June 11 – 12 which is 3-4 days before I go to America. I might be strapped for cash still when it comes to this con but I still might just go. I know that event is focused way more on comics so I need to get there.

We also have the Australian Movie and Comic (AMC) Expo (formerly known as Armageddon Comic Con) happening in Melbourne on 15 – 16 October and I will absolutely be there for that one as well.

If you ever see me out and about at these events, don’t be afraid to come up to me and say hi – I promise I am nice! haha

That’s it for today, but first…. how amazing is this Ursula cosplay?!


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Comic Book Shelf Tour 2016 Part 2: My Image, Vertigo and Indy Books

It’s about time I did this again, it’s been so long since I did a comic shelf tour – about two years! So here is part 2 where I show you my Image, Vertigo and Indy trades.

Let me know what you think!

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Suicide Squad Is the Movie Gotham Deserves


Is it just me or is Suicide Squad looking like it’s going to be the movie for 2016?! I know I have super high expectations, and I hope I am not over hyped for this film, but I’ll say it… from the moment I saw the cast photos I was sold. After the first trailer came out, I had seen all I needed to see to know that the Suicide Squad film is going to be absolutely perfect for me. I knoooooow. Mel, you really shouldn’t talk so strongly about the film before you’ve seen it. I get it. I really do. But honestly…. in my eyes, they nailed these trailers so fucking much.

The characters look incredible and I am excited about how fresh an new this all is. We’ve had so many Batman films and Superman films, and to me, it’s about time we introduced some new characters to the big screen. The possibilities are endless. I need this movie to be just as amazing as it looks.


The first full trailer featuring Bohemian Rhapsody is the best trailer I have seen all year. The way they used that music, the meaning behind that song and synchronised it to the action was a beautiful thing. To me, even if I did have any reservations about the film (I didn’t), would have gone the moment I saw that trailer.

But then…. we got more. See how lucky we are as fans in 2016?! I don’t want to ruin the moment, but a question – do we see too much of the film via trailers these days before the film even comes out? Let me know what you think.

A new trailer was shown at the MTV Movie Awards yesterday and it was equally amazing and a bit more fun and lighthearted than the first trailer we saw.


It’s kinda impossible for me to love Harley any more, but this trailer completely fulfilled my need for Harley. I really enjoyed that. They also had a funny one liner from Deadshot that I appreciated as well – nice to see some of the personalities of the other characters coming through in the trailer.

If you missed the trailer, you can see it here:

What are your thoughts on the trailer and are you excited to see the Suicide Squad? I am going to be there opening night – I can’t tell you how hyped I am!

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Comic Book Shelf Tour 2016 Part 1: My DC & Marvel Books

It’s about time I did this again, it’s been so long since I did a comic shelf tour – about two years! So here is part 1 where I show you my DC and Marvel trades.

I have a tonne of single issue comics – some on my shelf, many not (I just don’t have the space), and even more in a digital space. I decided not to show off my singles and just focused on my trades and hardcovers for these videos.

Oh Hey, It’s Been A While

I missed your faces a whole lot. Let’s talk again. <3

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The Walking Dead Season Finale Has Caused A Riot

I’m going to be talking about The Walking Dead season 6 finale in all of its rage inducing glory, so if you continue reading, please be aware!


Wow. I just finished watching the season 6 Walking Dead finale and I am so unimpressed at the moment.

Twitter erupted earlier today after fans saw the season finale, with the majority of fans feeling ripped off, and calling out the writers for lazy scriptwriting. Normally I am really kind about these things as well, but I actually agree with what people are saying in this case. I hate that I agree, but really… I felt like I didn’t get what I needed from this episode.

Did the episode do what they intended? Yeah, I guess so – cause I’ll definitely be watching season 7 to find out what happens. Was it a satisfying episode? Hell no. Let me talk about what went well and what didn’t go so well.


There was so much time wasted. We get it, the RV was blocked in and they couldn’t find a way to escape. But they kept drumming that in time and time and time again, just so we got the clues. Every turn the RV took there were more Saviours there ready to take aim. Love the idea of it, but I didn’t need it iterated so many times.


The cast are absolute troopers. They deserve so much respect for this scene. I don’t know if it’s true or not (I can’t find anything to corroborate this), but people are saying this scene took 15 hours to film. If that is true, then holy shit, well done. I have read interviews from the cast where several of them said after reading the script they didn’t want to come into work that day. Melissa McBride said she couldn’t talk after reading the script. Andrew Lincoln was late to set that day, putting off the scene after saying it stopped him from sleeping and made him sick to his stomach. So no matter how you feel about the episode, I’ll never say a bad word about that cast, because it’s a cast with heart.


The scenes with Morgan and the horse felt insignificant. I know they were trying to set something up with the strangers they met, and I can see they were  trying to paint Morgan as this knight in shining armour, killing for Carol… but it just felt really in appropriate for this to be happening in the finale. Unless I am missing something here. It was just weird.


This just makes me sad. But I am not going to complain about it because the thing about The Walking Dead is that nothing is ever guaranteed, and harm or death can come to our favourites at any time. I love Carol, but they showed that she’s not impervious to danger either.


Jeffrey Dean Morgan is brilliant as Negan. I can’t fault him really, even when he used the words “pee pee pants”. Forgiven. His monologue was creepy as hell and had my heart racing. He is menacing and deliberate and I loved it. Coupled with the amazing acting (again) by the rest of the cast who genuinely look distraught and this was such a powerful scene.


walkingdead6.16cliffThis end scene was not cool. Hey, I love a cliffhanger a lot. I may not like them at the time but I get when they’re trying to get us to commit to a new season. I understand what they were trying to do here. But come on guys… you have to give us something a little more than this. To me, this felt lazy. We invested 88 minutes to this show to not get anything at the end of it. Maybe I sound like a spoilt child, but I expect a little bit more from a season finale. Even if I’d known who was being hit without knowing if they live or die – THAT would have been enough. But it just felt like a bit of a cop out to end things like that when our adrenaline is pumping with no answers.


Okay so at the risk of sounding like a hater, that’s pretty much all I have today. Honestly, this is my favourite show and I never have a bad word to say about The Walking Dead, so today is a special occasion you could say.

What do you guys think? Were you disappointed too, or did you like the ending?


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