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The Walking Dead Season Finale Has Caused A Riot

I’m going to be talking about The Walking Dead season 6 finale in all of its rage inducing glory, so if you continue reading, please be aware!


Wow. I just finished watching the season 6 Walking Dead finale and I am so unimpressed at the moment.

Twitter erupted earlier today after fans saw the season finale, with the majority of fans feeling ripped off, and calling out the writers for lazy scriptwriting. Normally I am really kind about these things as well, but I actually agree with what people are saying in this case. I hate that I agree, but really… I felt like I didn’t get what I needed from this episode.

Did the episode do what they intended? Yeah, I guess so – cause I’ll definitely be watching season 7 to find out what happens. Was it a satisfying episode? Hell no. Let me talk about what went well and what didn’t go so well.


There was so much time wasted. We get it, the RV was blocked in and they couldn’t find a way to escape. But they kept drumming that in time and time and time again, just so we got the clues. Every turn the RV took there were more Saviours there ready to take aim. Love the idea of it, but I didn’t need it iterated so many times.


The cast are absolute troopers. They deserve so much respect for this scene. I don’t know if it’s true or not (I can’t find anything to corroborate this), but people are saying this scene took 15 hours to film. If that is true, then holy shit, well done. I have read interviews from the cast where several of them said after reading the script they didn’t want to come into work that day. Melissa McBride said she couldn’t talk after reading the script. Andrew Lincoln was late to set that day, putting off the scene after saying it stopped him from sleeping and made him sick to his stomach. So no matter how you feel about the episode, I’ll never say a bad word about that cast, because it’s a cast with heart.


The scenes with Morgan and the horse felt insignificant. I know they were trying to set something up with the strangers they met, and I can see they were  trying to paint Morgan as this knight in shining armour, killing for Carol… but it just felt really in appropriate for this to be happening in the finale. Unless I am missing something here. It was just weird.


This just makes me sad. But I am not going to complain about it because the thing about The Walking Dead is that nothing is ever guaranteed, and harm or death can come to our favourites at any time. I love Carol, but they showed that she’s not impervious to danger either.


Jeffrey Dean Morgan is brilliant as Negan. I can’t fault him really, even when he used the words “pee pee pants”. Forgiven. His monologue was creepy as hell and had my heart racing. He is menacing and deliberate and I loved it. Coupled with the amazing acting (again) by the rest of the cast who genuinely look distraught and this was such a powerful scene.


walkingdead6.16cliffThis end scene was not cool. Hey, I love a cliffhanger a lot. I may not like them at the time but I get when they’re trying to get us to commit to a new season. I understand what they were trying to do here. But come on guys… you have to give us something a little more than this. To me, this felt lazy. We invested 88 minutes to this show to not get anything at the end of it. Maybe I sound like a spoilt child, but I expect a little bit more from a season finale. Even if I’d known who was being hit without knowing if they live or die – THAT would have been enough. But it just felt like a bit of a cop out to end things like that when our adrenaline is pumping with no answers.


Okay so at the risk of sounding like a hater, that’s pretty much all I have today. Honestly, this is my favourite show and I never have a bad word to say about The Walking Dead, so today is a special occasion you could say.

What do you guys think? Were you disappointed too, or did you like the ending?


Melissa / holybatgirl

Daredevil Season 2 Review

This post is definitely going to contain a number of spoilers, so if you haven’t caught up with Daredevil, please don’t read beyond this point. If you don’t care about spoilers, then who am I to stop you?


Some of you may know from one of my previous posts, I was super late to get onto the Daredevil bandwagon. I initially watched the first 4 and a half episodes at the same time as everyone else when season 1 was released but it was so slow paced that I gave up. It was only when people were telling me about how much better season 2 was that I knuckled down and got through season 1 (which mind you, after episode 5 onwards, I loved), and then immediately continued binge watching season 2.

I finished watching season 2 of Daredevil last night and I feel so much better about this show than I did initially. There was a lot of world building and character back stories being told in season 1 which meant that in season 2, they could just throw us straight into the storyline, which I appreciated.


We were introduced to Frank Castle (The Punisher) in the first episode, and so straight off the bat you know this is our major storyline for this season. Jon Bernthal is absolutely perfect in this role and he gave The Punisher so much depth. We initially see him as simply a killing machine, but as the season progresses, we are drip fed new bits and pieces here or there which hints to him just being a really troubled man as opposed to a sociopath.

Once his story comes out, you can’t help but feel empathy for the guy, and you want him to win. He never denies that he is a killer, but what happens is we soften up when we hear his stories about reading his daughter a goodnight story, or hearing him talk about his kids favourite toys and we can see how much he adored his family, and he’s just lashing out for revenge. You want to see him get some justice, but Frank Castle is unpredictable and proves that he isn’t going to always do what you want him to do, especially in court and I loved this.

The friction between The Punisher and Daredevil was great for me. You have The Punisher coming in and basically tearing up Hell’s Kitchen killing people left, right and centre, and then Daredevil confronting him and telling him that Hell’s Kitchen is protected by him, and he’s not going to get away with killing people on his watch. The back and forth between the two made for really entertaining viewing.

I’m a softie at heart (although I’d deny it if you tell anyone), and so seeing some romance happen for Matt, with Karen none-the-less was so exciting for me. Call me cheesy, but their first kiss in the rain was so unrealistic yet perfect in every way. I adored it. Pretty sure I looked like the emoji with hearts for eyes at that moment.

maxresdefault (2)

Based on that you can probably deducted that I have no love for home-wrecker Elektra….. I don’t like that girl at all. But just because I don’t have any warm feelings towards her at all, does not mean I can’t admire her fighting skills, cause girl can fight. She was so impressive. But I really did struggle to find one likeable thing about her. Matt pandering to her needs just annoyed me more, but to me it just highlighted the level of her manipulation.

maxresdefault (1)

One thing that annoyed me (not production wise, but definitely character wise) this season was Matt’s neglect of the people that were always there for him before hand, Foggy and Karen. I was so disappointed in his character for this. Although I get the reasons why, I know he is distancing himself from them so he can give more time to being Daredevil, but come on man. You acted like an asshole all season to them and they kept giving you chances to be there and to lift your game. He had me so frustrated every time he was late or no-showed to court. But then again, comes back to Elektra being intrusive in Matt’s life and worming her way in.

The fight scenes for me really seemed to have improved this season, and I really enjoyed those. It seemed with the introduction of The Punisher that the brutality of some of those kills really did increase and I loved that they didn’t hold back. That scene with The Punisher against the Irish Mob was wild, and pretty much any fight scene with Nobu is insane as well. My favourite fight scene in this whole show happened in season 2, and that was Punisher versus the criminals in the prison walkway! Amazing!! Some incredible stuff this season.

I didn’t mind the back and forth nature between storylines. Elektra and Punisher really didn’t have anything to do with each other and so the way the season unfolds is that there’s two major storylines going back and forth with Daredevil being the link. Some feel that season 1 having a singular storyline may have been more focused and I can definitely understand that. For me, season 2 felt more fast paced, more exciting.

I love how they ended this season, as always it’s the last 10 minutes of any Daredevil episode where they start setting up for that cliffhanger in the last minute and that’s what they did here with the double whammy cliffhanger. The first being the hint that The Hand are going to resurrect Elektra for next season and the second being that Matt tells a shocked looking Karen that he’s Daredevil. I’m now hanging for season 3!

So those are my thoughts on season 2 – a solid effort and hugely enjoyable for me. Let me know what you thought, did you like season 1 or season 2 better?

Melissa / holybatgirl

Daredevil & My Love/Hate Relationship

So since I can’t film any new videos until my gear arrives, I figured I would put some thoughts online in writing about my love-hate relationship with the Netflix TV show Daredevil. Stick with me here, I promise you there’s a romance at the end.


You see… when it first came out I was just like the rest of you, binge watching the season away, until I got to about episode 5 and realised it wasn’t holding my attention.

I am the first to admit I have the attention span of a chihuahua and so a show needs to be pretty fast paced in the beginning if I am going to invest my time into it. There’s too many other things I could be doing with my time rather than sitting around watching a slow show right?

So by episode 5 of Daredevil, I had enough. I really was pushing through from about episode 3 through to 5 and by midway through episode 5, I said no more. My friends said I was crazy – they had already finished season 1 and told me that “by episode 7, it gets great”.

But here’s my “hate” part of my relationship with Daredevil. Why should I invest 7 hours of my time waiting for the show to become great? Don’t you owe it to your audience to find a way to make the show a little more captivating earlier on?

Now I know not everyone will agree with me, and there’s those of you out there who will say it was captivating from the start, but I can say for fact that it wasn’t only me who thought this show was slow as hell.

I get that they have to build the story and that there’s an element of world building, but in my opinion you shouldn’t need half a season to set it up. Just me though.

The fight scenes were so dark that you could barely see them – guess they were trying to make us feel like Daredevil in that moment. There was an awful lot of unnecessary heavy dialogue going on when it could have been progressing the story on. In the space of about 3 episodes, I could summarise everything that happened in 30 seconds or less.

Now I got the “hate” feelings out of the way, let me get on to telling you how this becomes a love story.. and it does.

Earlier this week, I was pushed to giving Daredevil a second go. I had too many people telling me I should try it again, and well.. there’s only enough digging in of the heels that I can do before I allow myself to be dragged along. So I continued on. I made sure I was very awake and had snacks prepared… and okay, so my face was still pretty emotionless for episode 5 and 6 but something happened along the way, and I can’t even pinpoint the moment… but I started to get on board.


I ended up understanding what it was they were trying to execute and started to embrace it, and I loved the build up in each episode to the cliffhanger finishes. I remember episode 9 at the end had my jaw dropped and it was already 11:30pm on a work night so I couldn’t say “one more episode” as I usually do, and had to go to bed not knowing what was going to happen next.

I’ve spent most of my Easter weekend continuing to watch Daredevil as it turns out. I’m still in the first few episodes of season 2 now but already, it’s such a better start to a season than season 1 delivered, especially with the fast paced nature of introducing The Punisher and instantly creating mystery and intrigue over his character.

I’m not too proud that I don’t know when to eat my words and say I was wrong about a show. Daredevil turned out to be a really solid show in the end. I love it. There’s a spark and I think I’ll keep seeing him as long as he can remain committed to entertaining me.


But I do stand by what I said about shows needing to do more to engage their viewers early on, and that’s where I still believe that a lot of these TV shows adapted from comic books need to do better.

Shows like The Walking Dead where episodes can be incredibly slow, I’ve given a pass to. And that’s because they engaged me highly in season 1, so now it’s a ride or die situation with that show. If other shows put more effort into making their season 1 that gripping, people would have no doubts about continuing to watch down the track.

Those are my thoughts, I know there’ll be those of you who disagree and that’s okay too. Share your thoughts in the comments below and let me know what you think of shows like Daredevil.

Melissa / holybatgirl