Daredevil Season 2 Review

This post is definitely going to contain a number of spoilers, so if you haven’t caught up with Daredevil, please don’t read beyond this point. If you don’t care about spoilers, then who am I to stop you?


Some of you may know from one of my previous posts, I was super late to get onto the Daredevil bandwagon. I initially watched the first 4 and a half episodes at the same time as everyone else when season 1 was released but it was so slow paced that I gave up. It was only when people were telling me about how much better season 2 was that I knuckled down and got through season 1 (which mind you, after episode 5 onwards, I loved), and then immediately continued binge watching season 2.

I finished watching season 2 of Daredevil last night and I feel so much better about this show than I did initially. There was a lot of world building and character back stories being told in season 1 which meant that in season 2, they could just throw us straight into the storyline, which I appreciated.


We were introduced to Frank Castle (The Punisher) in the first episode, and so straight off the bat you know this is our major storyline for this season. Jon Bernthal is absolutely perfect in this role and he gave The Punisher so much depth. We initially see him as simply a killing machine, but as the season progresses, we are drip fed new bits and pieces here or there which hints to him just being a really troubled man as opposed to a sociopath.

Once his story comes out, you can’t help but feel empathy for the guy, and you want him to win. He never denies that he is a killer, but what happens is we soften up when we hear his stories about reading his daughter a goodnight story, or hearing him talk about his kids favourite toys and we can see how much he adored his family, and he’s just lashing out for revenge. You want to see him get some justice, but Frank Castle is unpredictable and proves that he isn’t going to always do what you want him to do, especially in court and I loved this.

The friction between The Punisher and Daredevil was great for me. You have The Punisher coming in and basically tearing up Hell’s Kitchen killing people left, right and centre, and then Daredevil confronting him and telling him that Hell’s Kitchen is protected by him, and he’s not going to get away with killing people on his watch. The back and forth between the two made for really entertaining viewing.

I’m a softie at heart (although I’d deny it if you tell anyone), and so seeing some romance happen for Matt, with Karen none-the-less was so exciting for me. Call me cheesy, but their first kiss in the rain was so unrealistic yet perfect in every way. I adored it. Pretty sure I looked like the emoji with hearts for eyes at that moment.

maxresdefault (2)

Based on that you can probably deducted that I have no love for home-wrecker Elektra….. I don’t like that girl at all. But just because I don’t have any warm feelings towards her at all, does not mean I can’t admire her fighting skills, cause girl can fight. She was so impressive. But I really did struggle to find one likeable thing about her. Matt pandering to her needs just annoyed me more, but to me it just highlighted the level of her manipulation.

maxresdefault (1)

One thing that annoyed me (not production wise, but definitely character wise) this season was Matt’s neglect of the people that were always there for him before hand, Foggy and Karen. I was so disappointed in his character for this. Although I get the reasons why, I know he is distancing himself from them so he can give more time to being Daredevil, but come on man. You acted like an asshole all season to them and they kept giving you chances to be there and to lift your game. He had me so frustrated every time he was late or no-showed to court. But then again, comes back to Elektra being intrusive in Matt’s life and worming her way in.

The fight scenes for me really seemed to have improved this season, and I really enjoyed those. It seemed with the introduction of The Punisher that the brutality of some of those kills really did increase and I loved that they didn’t hold back. That scene with The Punisher against the Irish Mob was wild, and pretty much any fight scene with Nobu is insane as well. My favourite fight scene in this whole show happened in season 2, and that was Punisher versus the criminals in the prison walkway! Amazing!! Some incredible stuff this season.

I didn’t mind the back and forth nature between storylines. Elektra and Punisher really didn’t have anything to do with each other and so the way the season unfolds is that there’s two major storylines going back and forth with Daredevil being the link. Some feel that season 1 having a singular storyline may have been more focused and I can definitely understand that. For me, season 2 felt more fast paced, more exciting.

I love how they ended this season, as always it’s the last 10 minutes of any Daredevil episode where they start setting up for that cliffhanger in the last minute and that’s what they did here with the double whammy cliffhanger. The first being the hint that The Hand are going to resurrect Elektra for next season and the second being that Matt tells a shocked looking Karen that he’s Daredevil. I’m now hanging for season 3!

So those are my thoughts on season 2 – a solid effort and hugely enjoyable for me. Let me know what you thought, did you like season 1 or season 2 better?

Melissa / holybatgirl

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things


I personally think we’re living in the best of times as a nerd. We have access to everything we could possibly want. Hundreds of comic titles, a new superhero movie every week, TV shows based on our heroes, websites and news are broadcast to us faster than it ever has and we have social media and podcasts to be able to discuss these things.

We are so fucking lucky and yet, we still have fanboys and haters.

The word fanboy is thrown about a lot, and I think sometimes people use the word when it’s not really an accurate description of the person of the situation.

My definition of a fanboy is someone who is so passionate about something they they lose their ability to be objective and will just blindly follow, fight and defend the honour whatever it is they’re into. You can’t argue with a fan boy, they’re so committed to their thoughts that regardless of whether they’re right or wrong, they won’t budge.

The reason I am writing this post now is because I truly can’t think of a better time. We’ve just had Batman v Superman come out, and of course given the mixed reviews, there’s no better time for the DC and Marvel fanboys to come out start arguing over who has the bigger penis is better than the other.

The Marvel v DC argument is exhausting to me. Yet we all hear it loud and clear every time a DC movie comes out is “Marvel would have done it better/Marvel do their characters better” and vice versa when it’s a Marvel movie “DC’s movies are better/darker/don’t make their movies aimed at children.”

I wish they would shut up.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I am not saying people have to like everything, because that’s not realistic. But why is it that we can’t just like or dislike something in isolation? Why does a DC movie need to be compared to a Marvel movie instantly? Why is there even a need for one company to be better than the other company?!

Yes, negative opinions on film, tv and comics can go far in terms of helping people understand that they need to lift their game and do better, but it’s when people just blindly start shitting on something because it belongs to a company they don’t like, or they’re hating on a movie because of a certain actor or director… that kind of hate is not constructive nor does it help anyone. It’s just you being a hater.

I think sometimes as fans we just need to take a deep breath and chill out a little bit and understand how lucky we have it. Some perspective around these things usually helps, because we put our blinders up and get so caught up in the things going on in our little bubble that we forget that 30 years ago, or hell, even 20 years ago being a nerd was so isolating and you would never have had the access to information and news that you get now.

I spent most of my life isolated in the nerdy interests I have. I had friends that liked some of the things I liked, but when it came to comics, I had to turn online for that. I am grateful for that, as well as the amazing friends I’ve made. We shouldn’t lose sight of things like this.

The fact that we can talk to other fans at the touch of an app these days is incredible. And yet, how often do we abuse that privilege by talking shit to one another instead of trying to lift each other up?

I’ll say it again, I don’t care if you like or dislike something, but let’s try and not make it a pissing contest comparing it to everything else around us and arguing about which company is better than the other. I see people having these fights online in the most disrespectful  manner and it makes me sad that we have this amazing platform to come together as a group of people with a similar love and we just tear each other to shreds.

I don’t know if I am the only one that feels this way, but I’m putting it out there. Let’s be a bit more awesome to each other.

Melissa / holybatgirl

Reading Slumps and Overcoming Them


One of the biggest reasons my YouTube videos had stopped for about 5 months was due to a reading slump. I love reading and I was reading so much that I think I just pushed myself that little bit too far, and no matter what I did, I just could not bring myself to pick up another comic. I was burnt out.

It certainly has nothing to do with my passion and interest in comics, because that is still alive and well. But I think my job played a pretty large part to do with this. Like a lot of you out there, a lot of my job requires reading pretty dry documents. I also do proofing as well and so at the end of the day, the last thing I have been feeling like doing is sitting down to read. It’s like my work sucked the joy out of any recreational reading.

I am still battling this reading slump if I am honest but I just want to push on through. I feel like this happens more regularly than we talk about, and so I thought I would share some tips for getting through reading burnout:

  1. Reorganise your shelves
    Sometimes just going through your shelves and re-arranging your books will get you looking at each of the titles again up close. I know when I did this recently with my comics, I was so inspired to read again. There are so many comics on my shelf that I am yet to read and looking at them all organised, it was a nice reminder of why I am so passionate about comics.
  2. Re-read an old favourite
    This is a really good trick for two reasons really. The first is that often in a reading slump, there’s a “can’t be bothered” factor, and so you don’t often need to give your full attention to a comic that you have read and loved before because you know what to expect. But secondly, the benefit here is that a lot of those feelings also come back when you’re reading a favourite and it can help with that spark. This happens to me when I am reading Hush or The Killing Joke.
  3. See if one of your favourite writers or artists has any new titles out
    This definitely gives me a kick in the butt. Basically if Gail Simone has a new series out, I am always on the bandwagon. Something new can give us the push we need to keep reading.
  4. Go to the comic store
    If I am in a reading slump, I especially love making the one hour drive to Melbourne and going to our huge comic store there (All Star Comics) because you cannot go there and not be excited by all of the titles they have. Plus, because of the distance, I always make sure I go when I have a good amount of spending money so that it’s not a wasted trip. New comics is motivation to get through them!
  5. Go digital
    I know not everyone loves digital comics and people do have big opinions on whether this is the way to go or not. But honestly, when I first went digital for my monthlies, I noticed that I was actually reading more than ever. That’s primarily thanks to technology and my need to always have my phone or ipad mini on me. So time spent in waiting rooms, or queues or my lunch breaks at work were spent reading instead of playing on my phone doing nothing.

There’s so many comics and new titles coming out all the time. Not to mention the huge backlog of trades that I have to read as well, and it can be a lot sometimes, I completely understand.

Of course, sometimes you do just need to listen to yourself and if you need a bit of a break, then do it. But when it’s time to get back into the reading game, these are the things that really make a difference to me.

If you ever go through the same thing as me, I hope these tips help you out next time you’re feeling a little uninspired!

Melissa / holybatgirl

Most Anticipated Horror Movies of 2016

I am such a horror movie buff. I always have been, ever since I was (far too) young. As Wondercon was on over the weekend, we were spoiled with all kinds of announcements and trailers. I was in my element.

In particular, there were a couple of horror movies that were talked about that just have me dying to see them, and it made me think about some of the other horror movies that are coming out in 2016 and I thought I’d put together a list of the horror movies I am most anticipating to come out this year! I know, it’s almost April already, so I’ll talk about the movies yet to be released that I am keen to see.


This list isn’t for the faint-hearted, so I’m sorry if horror isn’t your thing, I am not trying to creep you out… or am I? 😉 If you’re like me though and you like your scary movies, keep reading!

Lights Out
This was one of the movies talked about at Wondercon and we finally saw a trailer for this movie. HOLY CRAP! You guys, this looks so incredibly scary. I feel like I am probably going to sleep with the lights on for at least 3 weeks after I see this film. I’m not going to even talk about this one, I’ll just leave the trailer right here and you can see for yourselves what I mean.

Friday The 13th Part Two
I think I was one of the only people who thought that the reboot of Friday The 13th was decent. It wasn’t going to win any awards, but I am a sucker for a slasher movie, and so I quite enjoyed it. Part 2 is being remade but seems to be getting pushed back. I’ve heard it’s out this year, fingers crossed that’s true!


The Purge: Election Year
So many franchises seem to ruin a good thing by releasing bad sequels, but I really have enjoyed both Purge movies so far and I have (maybe misplaced) high hopes that the third one will live up to my expectations. This is one of those films that is based on a really cool idea – that one night of the year, all crime and murders are legal for 12 hours. It’s called The Purge. Truly horrifying to me, because there’s that thought of “wow, this could possibly happen”. Those masks are so scary to me! Election Year is one I’ll be checking out.

Also known as The Ring 3… I remember going to the cinemas when I was younger with my friends and seeing the first Ring, and my god. It was the first time I had seen a Japanese inspired movie like that before, and I couldn’t sleep that night. Now when I look back, that movie has dated a LOT. I hope that Rings doesn’t disappoint. It could certainly use the benefits of modern technology to make it look even more real and scary.


Death House
This movie is being talked about as “The Expendables of Horror” which both excites me and makes me nervous. A secret government facility becomes ground zero for the most horrific prison break in the history of mankind. You’ll recognise a bunch of icons from movies like A Nightmare on Elm Street and Re-Animator. Stars such as Robert Englund, Danny Trejo, Michael Berryman, Kane Hodder, Dee Wallace, Bill Moseley, Barbara Crampton, Doug Bradley, Ken Foree, Camille Keaton and Don Shanks, among others. EXCITING!

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 10.11.05 pm

Amityville: The Awakening
This one I will definitely go and see but I don’t have huge expectations for it, as it seems that Amityville movies seem to just come out all the time with questionable quality. The trailer to me says that it’s passable but won’t be the scariest movie I see in 2016. I am still looking forward to it either way.

This one technically has already been released but I can’t help myself but to include it because I really want to see it. Rob Zombie’s movies are always so quirky, weird and filled with torture. I am on the edge between loving his movies and being too grossed out. I am definitely going to check out 31 when I get a chance.


The Conjuring 2
loved The Conjuring…. as in, loved it so much I saw it twice at the movies. I thought it was scary, it had a really strong story line (which isn’t always the case for horror movies), and psychologically messed with me. It was brilliant. Also premiering at Wondercon was the trailer for the highly anticipated Conjuring 2. This looks absolutely amazing to me.

I love being a horror fan in 2016.. for all the schlock films out there, there’s just as many brilliant ones being made all the time. 2016, should be a decent year as far as the horror genre goes!

What are you looking forward to?

Melissa / holybatgirl

Let’s Talk DC Rebirth: Here’s What You Need To Know


The biggest news of the week in DC Comics was the announcement of the artists and writers who are going to be taking over some of DC’s most popular comic titles when they’re relaunched in June under an event named DC Rebirth.

If you’re anything like me, you might have questions, and I’ll do my best to answer those questions for you here.

Relaunch v Reboot
DC are being very clear that this is a relaunch and not a reboot. Personally, I thought the two were synonymous previously and I thought we were just taking semantics. After all, the titles in the relaunch will be starting back at #1, so I was left scratching my head until I did some research.

Perhaps some of you may judge me for not knowing the difference outright, but I am in the business of “no question is a stupid question” and in the interest of sharing what I know to others who have the same thoughts, let me clarify for you the difference in the comic book world:

relaunch in the comic world refers to when a series is re-started  with new numbering (i.e. from issue #1) and usually involves a new creative team while maintaining existing continuity. 

reboot in the comic world refers to restarting a series (also would involve new numbering), however there are little to no ties to the previous series and no continuity. For example, The New 52 was a reboot with origin stories being re-told without any ties to the old series.

Why are DC doing this?
Just like anything, sometimes you find yourself off course. Which is what DC said was happening to them. The New 52 happened in 2011 with the best of intentions, but DC have said themselves that in hindsight maybe not everything about it went perfectly.

The writers came together to talk about what it was about each of these characters that they loved the most. What were the traits and strengths of each character that made them as iconic as they are? They worked hard to perfect this, and the outcome of this work is DC Rebirth. The writers want to be able to do better, to showcase the characters that we know and love and to represent them in ways that are better than maybe they’re being represented currently.

Also, sales. I’m cynical.


What titles can we expect and who are the new creative teams?
This is the exciting part!! So many titles starting back at #1. So many incredible artists and writers coming on board. I already know that from June onwards, I will be spending up on these new titles.

Here’s a list of all of the new ongoing titles and new creative teams (I’ve taken out the one-shots)! Let’s list off the facts first and then I’ll tell you what I am personally excited for:

  • Aquaman – Dan Abnett and Brad Walker with art by Walker, Jesus Merino And Phil Briones
  • Batman – Tom King with art by David Finch, Mikel Janin
  • All-Star Batman – Scott Snyder with art by John Romita Jr.,  Jock, Sean Murphy
  • The Flash – Josh Williamson with art by Carmine DiGiandomenico, Neil Googe
  • Green Arrow – Ben Percy with art by Otto Schmidt, Juan Ferreya
  • Green Lanterns – Sam Humphries with art by Robson Rocha, Ardian Syaf
  • Superman – Peter J. Tomasi, Pat Gleason with art by Doug Mahnke, Pat Gleason
  • Wonder Woman – Greg Rucka with art by Liam Sharp, Nicola Scott
  • Action Comics (will continue numbering at #957) – Dan Jurgens with art by Patrick Zircher, Tyler Kirkham, Stephen Segovia
  • Detective Comics (will continue numbering at #934) – James Tynion IV with art by Eddy Barrows, Alvaro Martinez
  • Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps – Rob Venditti with art by Ethan Van Sciver, Rafa Sandoval
  • Justice League – Bryan Hitch with art by Tony Daniel, Fernando Pasarin
  • Nightwing – Tim Seeley with art by Javi Fernandez, Marcus To
  • Batgirl – Hope Larson with art by Rafael Albuquerque
  • Batgirl & The Birds of Prey – Julie Benson, Shawna Benson with art by Claire Roe
  • The Hellblazer – Simon Oliver with artist TBA
  • Red Hood & The Outlaws – Scott Lobdell with art by Dexter Soy
  • The Super-Man – Gene Luen Yang with art by Viktor Bodganovich
  • Titans – Dan Abnett with art by Brett Booth
  • Cyborg – John Semper with art by Will Conrad, Paul Pelletier
  • Deathstroke – Christopher Priest with art by Carlo Pagulyan, Igor Vitorino, Felipe Watanabe
  • Harley Quinn (same creative team remains!) – Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner with art by Chad Hardin, John Timms
  • Justice League America – Creative team TBA
  • Suicide Squad – Rob Williams with art by Jim Lee, Philip Tan
  • Batman Beyond – Dan Jurgens with art by Bernard Chang
  • Blue Beetle – Keith Giffen with art by Scott Kolins
  • Supergirl – Steve Orlando with art by Brian Ching
  • Superwoman – Phil Jimenez with art by Phil Jimenez, Emmanuela Lupacchino
  • Super Sons – Chris Burns, Dennis Culver with art by Jorge Jimenez
  • Teen Titans – Ben Percy with art by Jonboy Meyers
  • Trinity – Francis Manapul with art by Francis Manapul, Clay Mann

Phew! Wow right?!

What am I excited for?
Oh my god, I am excited for so many of these. This is what I needed after losing a fair amount of interest in DC titles over the last 6 months. Perhaps its enough to revitalise my enthusiasm for books I once loved.

The series I am most looking forward to seeing is of course Batgirl. I stopped reading Batgirl after not enjoying the creative team that took over from Gail Simone. Except Babs Tarr, she’s delightful. But the writers had me hating the series and I just couldn’t push through it. The irony isn’t lost on me that they have Rafael Albuquerque as the artist on this title, and I love it! Rafael Albuquerque is the artist who did that variant cover for Batgirl 40. Hated by some, loved by many. He’s incredible. I’m definitely buying this!

Here’s a sneak peek at the art for Batgirl:


I’m also REALLY looking forward to Wonder Woman. Greg Rucka is back! I couldn’t contain my excitement for this. Again, I gave up on Wonder Woman after Brian Azzarello left because I couldn’t deal with the new writing team. I know now that Wonder Woman will be in safe hands with Greg coming back.

How beautiful does it look?!


I am also thrilled to see that largely nothing changes with the Harley Quinn title, because Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner are perfect for this title.

Lastly, I have to mention Suicide Squad. I actually really liked The New 52 reboot of it, and now they have my all time favourite artist Jim Lee on board, so I am really looking forward to this. I hope it’s written well!


Other titles I am definitely going to be picking up in addition to the few I’ve mentioned:

  • Aquaman
  • Batman
  • Nightwing
  • All-Star Batman
  • Batgirl & The Birds of Prey
  • Harley Quinn
  • The Flash
  • Green Arrow

Personally, I am super excited about this relaunch. It gives me hope for the best. 🙂

What are your thoughts and what titles are you excited for?

Melissa / holybatgirl

Is Batman v Superman deserving of the bad reviews?

This post is definitely going to contain a number of spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the movie, please don’t read beyond this point. If you’ve seen the film or don’t care about spoilers, then who am I to stop you?


I do a pretty damn good job of staying under the radar when it comes to spoilers. So I really hadn’t seen/heard/read any reviews of Batman v Superman prior to seeing it myself.

Here’s the thing right: Overall, I liked Batman v Superman a lot. There were parts were I thought they nailed it and also some weak parts that stopped this movie from being outstanding to me (see yesterdays post with my thoughts).

I feel like in a world where everyone has to love or hate something, in this situation, I feel like for the first time in a long time, I couldn’t say either. I enjoyed it but didn’t love or hate it.

Yet despite knowing how I felt about Batman v Superman, I was still shocked to hear how many negative reviews that people were giving Batman v Superman. Not shocked that some people hated it, but more shocked at the volume in which it was getting canned.


Take a look at those numbers! So far BvS has proven to be rating pretty badly amongst critics on the website Rotten Tomatoes.. the critics are taking this movie to film school and putting it through the ringer. General audiences, (the public) are still giving it 73% which is still somewhat decent, and also where I fall in the spectrum.

Here are just some of the comments from journalist critics… I apologise now for the obnoxious dribble that you’re about to read..

Here is Tim Grierson, writing for the New Republic:

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a joyless slog. Filled with scenes of gloomy characters confronting their demons or wrestling with their insipid moral quandaries, it’s not a superhero movie so much as it is an excruciating therapy session in which there are occasionally huge explosions and guys in capes.

“Humorless” too, says the AV Club:

Directed by Zack Snyder, of faithfully butchered Watchmen fame, Batman V Superman takes a title fight kids of all ages have been speculating about for decades—costumed titan from the cosmos, meet costumed vigilante from the city—and invests it with all the fun of a protracted custody battle.

Slate wasn’t too kind, either:

It is worse than the widely detested Joel Schumacher Batman films, including the one with bat nipples. It is probably worse than the never-filmed Superman movie starring Nicolas Cage would have been. If Christopher Reeve is spinning in his grave right now, it’s not because Snyder’s film so egregiously ignores what might make a Superman film special (though it does!) but because the throbbing Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL score is loud enough to rattle a buried corpse. I’m a lifelong comic-book reader who is generally sympathetic to comic-book movies and even liked Man of Steel. Batman v Superman made me want to yell at the Justice League to get off my lawn.

Reviewers also agree that the plot was a complete mess. Here’s Vulture, which did not mince words, calling the movie “godawful”:

It’s a shame that Batman v Superman is also a storytelling disgrace. It has maybe six opening scenes and jumps so incessantly from subplot to subplot that a script doctor would diagnose a peculiarly modern infection: “disjunctivitis.”

Us Weekly:

Though hyped for more than a year as a Clash of the Titans epic, the final product is 151 minutes of gloom and doom. Not only is it the anti-Deadpool, it takes itself more seriously than a Best Picture Oscar winner.

Many reviewers agree that Jesse Eisenberg was overacting to an uncomfortable degree. Here’s Deadspin:

Oof, Lex Luthor is a drag. Jesse Eisenberg preens and over-enunciates and waxes crazily pedantic, like no one told him he’s not in a Sorkin movie anymore; his method of conveying Brilliant Insanity is to make as though he just ingested touring funk band quantities of cocaine. It is discomfiting and unpleasant.

Entertainment Weekly says this one is so bad it’s probably worth a do-over:

It’s another numbing smash-and-bash orgy of CGI mayhem with an ending that leaves the door open wide enough to justify the next 10 instalments. Is it too late to demand a rematch?

Are you there? Still with me? I’m sorry you had to see that, but I mean… wow right? Are some of these reviews just a case of people drinking the haterade or are they fair?

My opinion alone is that these comments are completely unfair. Look, I get it… BvS is not going to sweep up all of the awards at the next red carpet event, but what happened to being fair and balanced?

Critics are not fans though, and I’m keen to see what fans didn’t like about the movie.

I thought I’d go through some of the main points that fans are talking about and say whether I thought they were fair or unfair criticisms.

  • The fight scene between Batman and Superman was only 8 minutes.
    This one confuses me, because I wonder what people expected? This was never going to be a three hour battle between Batman and Superman. Not only would that get incredibly old quickly, but there’s a storyline that needs to be set up in order for us to know why they have beef in the first place at the very least. I can’t say that this is a valid reason to dislike the movie, I’d say your expectations were maybe off kilter. Verdict: Unfair
  • Batman kills a whole lot of people in this movie, it destroys Batman’s entire character. Batman doesn’t kill.
    This was the main one that had a lot of people’s knickers in a twist. On the surface, I get it. I understand. But I disagree. I think it’s been widely acknowledged that this Batman is based on Frank Miller’s adaptation of Batman as shown in The Dark Knight Returns. Which for those of you who don’t read comics, or haven’t read this one – Batman is one dark son of a bitch in this comic. He is absolutely the type of guy who kills. One of the scenes in Batman v Superman where Batman takes a gun of a guy and uses it to shoot him was ripped straight out of the pages of The Dark Knight Returns (below). So do I think this comment is fair? Not really. Verdict: Unfair.ibelieveyou1
  • There is too much that they’re trying to cram into the movie.
    I agree with this point… no arguments from me on this, it was one of the things that took away from taking this movie from being very good to outstanding in my eyes. They spent a lot of time setting up the next movies. Verdict: Fair

  • Gal Gadot looks as though she’s 93 pounds, even in costume she still lacked the build of Wonder Woman.
    Really? I can’t agree with this one at all. I absolutely had those reservations and worries about Gal Gadot when it was first announced, but any worries I had, went away when the promo image came out and they were completely quashed when I saw her in action on the screen. She is captivating, beautiful, powerful and no other actress can pop into my mind as looking more like Wonder Woman to me. Especially her face… that IS Wonder Woman. I think people need to give her a break, she put on a lot of muscle for the role and I think she looked fantastic. Verdict: Unfair
  • Lex Luthor is far too over the top to the point where his antics look silly and out of place in the movie
    I can see why people aren’t liking how Lex Luthor acts in this movie, as I said in my summary yesterday they need to be careful because Lex is at this precarious point right now where he’s a bit of a loose cannon but has that dark quirkiness to him but he’s also got that ability to be seen as the love child of Johnny Depp’s Willy Wonka and Jim Carey’s Riddler, which definitely would be out of place in the movie. Some people are saying he was a major reason they didn’t enjoy the movie. Personally, I wouldn’t go that far. I liked the layered aspect to his character, it was a different take and I liked it. But I get it. Verdict: Fair

I always say everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I love seeing people get passionate about the things they care about. There’s definitely some valid reasons people have bought up as to why they didn’t enjoy Batman v Superman, but from what I am hearing, there’s also a lot of people out there just being a little unfair really. But hey, you can’t make everyone happy 100% of the time!

Poor Ben Affleck was so upset to learn BvS hadn’t received the best reviews, resulting in “Sad Affleck” to go viral.

Let me know in the comments – did you think some of the criticisms of Batman v Superman were fair?

Melissa / holybatgirl


My Batman v Superman thoughts

This post is definitely going to contain a number of spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the movie, please don’t read beyond this point. If you’ve seen the film or don’t care about spoilers, then who am I to stop you?


I started typing up a blog post today on the hate reviews Batman v Superman is getting currently and delving into what’s being said and whether these criticisms are fair or not.

But as I was doing this, I realised that perhaps I was jumping the gun somewhat since I haven’t really talked first about what I personally thought of the movie myself.

Here’s the thing right: I liked it. I liked Batman v Superman a lot. Would I say it was the best movie I’ve ever seen? I wouldn’t. But I also wasn’t expecting it to be either (I’ve always set my expectations higher for Suicide Squad). There were parts I thought they nailed it and also some weaker parts that stopped this movie from being outstanding.

So before I go jumping into the reviews (which I’ll post tomorrow), let me take some time out today to talk a little bit about some of my own personal thoughts about Batman v Superman. I have a lot of thoughts and they’re going to seem to jump all over the place here, so I am going to use dot points so that my jumping back and forth is a little more forgivable. 😉

  • Ben Affleck was incredible. He’s now my favourite Batman. There wasn’t one bad scene where Batman was featured in this movie. Nailed it.
  • Wonder Woman stole the show. She had a minor role in this movie, and yet she’s absolutely captivating and really hard not to like. She LOOKS like Wonder Woman. I know people have had a moan about the fact she’s not as thick as Wonder Woman is in the comics, but she was enough in this movie that I hope it shuts some of those people up.
  • Doomsday was probably my least favourite part of this movie. Not the character himself, but the overdone corny looking CGI effects. Wasn’t a fan of that.
  • This movie really had a lot going on.. I’d have been happy if they stripped it back. Movies that are unnecessarily long can push my patience, no matter how much I like them. I felt like they spent a lot of time setting up for future movies than they spent focusing on the storyline.
  • Superman is never going to be my favourite character, but Henry Cavill is the perfect guy to play this role. I liked that we saw some weakness in Superman in this movie, both physically and emotionally. It added texture to what is traditionally a pretty boring character to me.
  • I loved the continuity from Man of Steel. I was annoyed at the end of Man of Steel because of the amount of destruction that Superman had caused to Metropolis. It didn’t sit well with me. But then they completely addressed that for me in Batman v Superman with Batman stepping in.
  • AQUAMAN!!! Flash and Cyborg too, but AQUAMAN! I actually loved that they teased us with that and didn’t include them in the fight scenes. It builds up the anticipation for the next film. Completely counteracts what I said two dot points ago. I did think the set up of this was lazy script writing in terms of executing this part but my excitement won over.
  • Lois Lane can eat an ass. Not the actress, she was great. But just the character. I have issues with how weak and frail she always seems to be. I will say though, that given her and Superman are in love, it’s nice to see her man pulling through every time, even if I did roll my eyes into the back my of head each and every time she nearly dies. To me, she felt irrelevant to this film.
  • I loved the homage to Dark Knight Returns. I have issues with that comic for other reasons, but I did love how Batman was that badass, gives-no-shits version that we haven’t seen on the big screen before. So refreshing, and it felt like a more authentic version of Batman.
  • Lex Luthor is a character that has audiences divided. Personally? I liked him for the most part. I loved his quirkiness and eccentric nature, it makes me excited to see where his character goes. His craziness and over the top can take him to some incredibly dark places, but they have to be careful he doesn’t turn into Jim Carey’s Riddler if he pushes that over the top aspect too hard.
  • The first 5 minutes where you have the scene of Bruce Wayne as a kid – sensational. The cinematography, lens filters/colouring, and the way they moulded the scene with Bruce’s parents being murdered in the alley with Bruce falling down the well at the funeral was really clever. I really loved this part, and as soon as I saw this, I knew Batman’s character was in safe hands.
  • The action. This is a big plus, I got everything I wanted here. The fight scenes with Batman were phenomenal, it was like watching Arkham Knight being played at some points in terms of the creative take downs. I liked the homage to The Dark Knight Returns as well with the gun. Very cool.

I said at the start of this post that I thought this movie was pretty good and I stand by that. There were certainly  aspects that could have been done better but none of them annoyed me to the point where it made the movie unenjoyable.

I’d absolutely give this a second watch, but I think I’ll wait for the uncut version to be released on bluray and then I’ll check that out.

I don’t make a habit of rating movies out of 10, but if I had to, I’d say that this was a 6.5/7 out of 10 for me. 🙂 Enjoyable, amazing action and the best Batman I’ve ever seen. But too lengthy and too much being crammed into the film, stopping it from being an 8 or a 9.

I’d love to know what you thought of Batman v Superman! Let me know in the comments section, or let me know on Twitter @holybatgirl.

Melissa / holybatgirl

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