Daredevil & My Love/Hate Relationship

So since I can’t film any new videos until my gear arrives, I figured I would put some thoughts online in writing about my love-hate relationship with the Netflix TV show Daredevil. Stick with me here, I promise you there’s a romance at the end.


You see… when it first came out I was just like the rest of you, binge watching the season away, until I got to about episode 5 and realised it wasn’t holding my attention.

I am the first to admit I have the attention span of a chihuahua and so a show needs to be pretty fast paced in the beginning if I am going to invest my time into it. There’s too many other things I could be doing with my time rather than sitting around watching a slow show right?

So by episode 5 of Daredevil, I had enough. I really was pushing through from about episode 3 through to 5 and by midway through episode 5, I said no more. My friends said I was crazy – they had already finished season 1 and told me that “by episode 7, it gets great”.

But here’s my “hate” part of my relationship with Daredevil. Why should I invest 7 hours of my time waiting for the show to become great? Don’t you owe it to your audience to find a way to make the show a little more captivating earlier on?

Now I know not everyone will agree with me, and there’s those of you out there who will say it was captivating from the start, but I can say for fact that it wasn’t only me who thought this show was slow as hell.

I get that they have to build the story and that there’s an element of world building, but in my opinion you shouldn’t need half a season to set it up. Just me though.

The fight scenes were so dark that you could barely see them – guess they were trying to make us feel like Daredevil in that moment. There was an awful lot of unnecessary┬áheavy dialogue going on when it could have been progressing the story on. In the space of about 3 episodes, I could summarise everything that happened in 30 seconds or less.

Now I got the “hate” feelings out of the way, let me get on to telling you how this becomes a love story.. and it does.

Earlier this week, I was pushed to giving Daredevil a second go. I had too many people telling me I should try it again, and well.. there’s only enough digging in of the heels that I can do before I allow myself to be dragged along. So I continued on. I made sure I was very awake and had snacks prepared… and okay, so my face was still pretty emotionless for episode 5 and 6 but something happened along the way, and I can’t even pinpoint the moment… but I started to get on board.


I ended up understanding what it was they were trying to execute and started to embrace it, and I loved the build up in each episode to the cliffhanger finishes. I remember episode 9 at the end had my jaw dropped and it was already 11:30pm on a work night so I couldn’t say “one more episode” as I usually do, and had to go to bed not knowing what was going to happen next.

I’ve spent most of my Easter weekend continuing to watch Daredevil as it turns out. I’m still in the first few episodes of season 2 now but already, it’s such a better start to a season than season 1 delivered, especially with the fast paced nature of introducing The Punisher and instantly creating mystery and intrigue over his character.

I’m not too proud that I don’t know when to eat my words and say I was wrong about a show. Daredevil turned out to be a really solid show in the end. I love it. There’s a spark and I think I’ll keep seeing him as long as he can remain committed to entertaining me.


But I do stand by what I said about shows needing to do more to engage their viewers early on, and that’s where I still believe that a lot of these TV shows adapted from comic books need to do better.

Shows like The Walking Dead where episodes can be incredibly slow, I’ve given a pass to. And that’s because they engaged me highly in season 1, so now it’s a ride or die situation with that show. If other shows put more effort into making their season 1 that gripping, people would have no doubts about continuing to watch down the track.

Those are my thoughts, I know there’ll be those of you who disagree and that’s okay too. Share your thoughts in the comments below and let me know what you think of shows like Daredevil.

Melissa / holybatgirl

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