Supanova Popculture Expo Melbourne 2016

Hey everyone!

I went to Supanova in Melbourne on the weekend and had the most amazing time with my friend and her boyfriend. I always love going to these types of events, because I see a mass of nerds and I totally feel like screaming”MY TRIBE!”… although I don’t because I am actually quite introverted (I know you don’t believe me).


I wish there was more comic stalls this year as anime seems to be slowly taking over this convention, but they did still have one comic stall there and so I bought a few books – you can check that out in my newest video!

We still have a couple of comic conventions still to come in Melbourne this year! Oz Comic Con is happening from June 11 – 12 which is 3-4 days before I go to America. I might be strapped for cash still when it comes to this con but I still might just go. I know that event is focused way more on comics so I need to get there.

We also have the Australian Movie and Comic (AMC) Expo (formerly known as Armageddon Comic Con) happening in Melbourne on 15 – 16 October and I will absolutely be there for that one as well.

If you ever see me out and about at these events, don’t be afraid to come up to me and say hi – I promise I am nice! haha

That’s it for today, but first…. how amazing is this Ursula cosplay?!


Melissa / holybatgirl


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