Comic Book Shelf Tour 2016 Part 1: My DC & Marvel Books

It’s about time I did this again, it’s been so long since I did a comic shelf tour – about two years! So here is part 1 where I show you my DC and Marvel trades.

I have a tonne of single issue comics – some on my shelf, many not (I just don’t have the space), and even more in a digital space. I decided not to show off my singles and just focused on my trades and hardcovers for these videos.

2 thoughts on “Comic Book Shelf Tour 2016 Part 1: My DC & Marvel Books”

  1. Hi, I know I’m a little late but I would like to ask you your thoughts on Aquaman New 52 vol 1 & 2 as well as Batman Hush. And I’ve seen part two of your collection and I would love to hear about Southern Bastards vol 1 & 2. Look forward to hearing back from you. Also have to say. Your looking very beautiful. Love the hair. Thanks Daniel

    1. Never too late, I always read the comments! Aquaman New 52 is amazing because they take this character that was never really taken seriously in the past, allow him to make fun of himself (by eating at a fish and chips restaurant of all places) and then make him absolutely badass at the same time a well. WELL worth a read! Batman Hush is one of my faves as it was my first Batman book and it has virtually all of the villains featured in it, so it’s super fun. Finding out who Hush is is a major scandal as well!

      Southern Bastards is probably one of the best Image Comics titles out there right now (to be fair, Image have SO many good titles, but this is amazing!). Brutal, but it shows how backwards some of the southern towns can be when it comes to out of towners asking too many questions. Volume 2 was really interesting as well where it picked up. You should definitely pick up a copy!

      And thank you for those nice words as well, much appreciated. 🙂


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