So, you’re new to comics? That’s great!

Being new to comics is an amazing yet equally intimidating thing really… because you know you have found something that you’re genuinely really excited about, but you also tend to not really get where to start… and if you were anything like I was when I first started, I thought comic stores were intimidating. That’s cause back when I first started reading comics… well, they were.

Comic stores have come a long way since then in terms of trying to be more welcoming, educational (without being patronising) and helpful. But sometimes you still want to do some of the learning in the comfort of your own home before you’re even ready to venture out into the land of the comic book shop, am I right?

I am making a new series on my channel called Comic Book Academy, where we are going to talk all about the basics of comics, from how to tell what volume or issue you’re reading, to how to identify the genre you like, what the different comic companies do, what The New 52 means, digital comics vs physical comics, new comic book day and pull lists and more.

The reason I want to do this is because I know we talk a lot about comics for the existing comic book community out there but I want to be inclusive and helpful to people that might not have even picked up a comic book yet but are thinking they’d like to.

I am trying to make the types of videos I wanted to see myself when I started reading comics about  8 years ago. If it helps someone out there, I’ll be so happy.

If you have questions that I don’t cover, I want you to let me know as well so that I can talk about them. I know sometimes you might feel like your question is silly but please don’t…. know that I won’t judge and I am here to help you. Ask your questions here or on my youtube page, or message me on youtube if you’re shy, it’s okay!

Melissa / holybatgirl

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